About Us


Nebula Automotive Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by Mr. S.G. Asnani who is a Mechanical Engineer and has vast experience in the automobile field. He has been a dealer of a large motorcycle company and a multinational commercial vehicle company. Internationally, he has been an independent distributor of scooters and motorcycles bringing a diverse set of brands and products to Africa. He therefore understands the intricacies of the automobile markets in India and internationally.

Mission and Vision

It has been his vision to bring unique products to India which provide fun and pleasure to all age groups. In each one of us there is a child who would like to have fun. The slightly older generation was not fortunate enough to have these products during their younger days. But now these ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) are being made available in India. The younger generation should not miss out on what is available in the rest of the world. With this objective in view, the company has brought world class ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) to India under its brand name Nebula over the last three years.

It is with the support and goodwill of the customers that the company has grown from strength to strength and Nebula has become a popular brand name for ATVs in India and is the market leader in that segment.

The company has also launched environment friendly, non-polluting Golf Vehicles and the Golf Cruiser single seater for the fun loving golfer.

The company has a wide range of environment friendly, non-polluting Golf and Electric Vehicles ranging from single seater to 23 seater and cargo vehicles. The company is also manufacturing Agricultural Tractors

Nebula Automotive has its own showrooms in Pune. The products are assembled at its state of the art assembly facility in Wanawadi Industrial Estate, Pune.

Have an idea ? Please Share it with us.

We are always trying to innovate and bring new products to the Indian market. In case you have a new business idea or a specific requirement, please feel free to contact us. We shall be glad to have your input and deal with your requirements in a professional and confidential manner.