December 9th, 2011 \\ News

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Nebula Automotive introduces new four-wheeler ATVs for the Indian power sports and dirt bike market.

MUMBAI, Dec. 9, 2011 — Nebula Automotive, an all-terrain vehicle manufacturer and distributor based in Pune, has added new ATV
models that will give the Indian consumer a wider selection of off-road four wheelers also known as quads or quad bikes around the world. The new models include the Nebula 125E, Nebula 150D, Nebula Dingo 250, Nebula Xtreme 800, and the amphibious Nebula Maritime ATV.

Nebula Automotive entered the off-road quad bike market in 2009 and is now the home of the largest ATV showroom in India with company-owned locations in Mumbai and Pune. The founder, S.G. Asnani, has a vision of offering a wide assortment of ATVs at price points suited for every type of rider in India. Based on this philosophy, a dozen Nebula ATV™ models are available ranging from entry-level 110cc quads for children and budget-focused buyers to 800cc 4×4 ATVs for extreme power sports enthusiasts.

ATVs have many purposes such as joy riding, adventure sports, convenience farming, and border security. Although ATV trails are not commonplace, many riders use them on hilly tracks, sand dunes, forest areas, and other terrain that is not accessible with street vehicles. ATVs can already be found at many hill stations, beach resorts, and adventure clubs throughout the country.

“Previously, buyers in India had to put their names on pre-order lists or deposit large amounts of money and wait for several weeks before taking delivery of their ATVs. With most of the country having instant access to the latest automobiles, bikes, tablet PCs and phones, we are now standardizing the process of purchasing the ATV for the buyer,” says Asnani. The ATVs are usually in the buyer’s possession within 24 hours of purchase after undergoing a thorough pre-delivery inspection.

Each Nebula ATV™ is assembled at a facility in Pune and the buyer can select their vehicle from a variety of choices at the two Maharashtra showrooms. Nebula Automotive has a large inventory at the showrooms including test drive models so buyers know how their ATV rides before any transaction takes place. Technicians who are well versed in the mechanical aspects of all-terrain vehicles also handle post-sales service.

ATVs cannot be registered with any Regional Transport Office in the country. India does not require riders to obtain a driving license for operating all-terrain vehicles.

About Nebula Automotive

Nebula Automotive Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of Mr. S.G. Asnani, a Mechanical Engineer with a wealth of experience in the automotive industry who previously operated as an international distributor for Nebula bikes and industrial vehicles. The company has multiple divisions focusing on petrol powered off-road ATVs, electric golf carts and cruisers, and agricultural mini tractors.


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